Halfway House 2017

In 2014, we released our first EP 'What's Up?' 

3 years later, we still share the same goals we agreed in the beginning... 

We wanted to share our music with the world, perform in venues all over the Country and challenge and develop ourselves as musicians. Your continued support has allowed us to tick all of these boxes and for that we can't thank you enough! 

In 3 years, we've gained a wealth of experience as an unsigned band. We always knew our first EP had room for growth which is why we have decide to re-visit Halfway House. 

In this release, we hope to demonstrate our musical development. We hope that those who have shared the journey with us so far enjoy the track and feel that our work has matured. 

The song is accompanied with a brand new Vevo Official Video. We have flown to great heights (literally) to get this video right so we really hope you like it!